Preferences Missing Some Features In Cubase 6.0.4?

Hello all,

This may have been already touched on. In Cubase 5.5.3 under File>Preferences>Record>Audio>Create Regions, Create Events…you could select a particular mode here. i would select create events here. And from there i would have a key assigned (O)to change Event to Part (only when i didn’t need to use vari-audio) :slight_smile: . In Cubase 6 this feature in the File>Preferences window seems to be non-existent. i’m pretty new to Cubase 6, but i just don’t find this feature. Was it discontinued? Any and all help on this is highly appreciated. And many thanks in advance. :confused:

I’m new to Cubase, so I don’t know if the problem is due to an outdated Help menu or not, but today I had just noticed the same thing. There were some preferences missing in Cubase that were explained in the Help menu (though I can’t remeber which ones specifically). I’m on version 6.03 for now, I’ll wait until the next official update is released, but that still doesn’t explain why Cubase would be missing some entries explained in the Help Files. Weird!

Yes. Weird to me also. A “Bug” that was mentioned perhaps? Maybe others will jump in and shed some light on this for us after a couple of cups of coffee, it’s only 9 pm where i am :neutral_face: . Thanks for reply jose7822.

Bump. Anyone else experience this? Found out cause? :neutral_face: Thanks.