Preferences not working right

"Enable Solo on Selected Track not working


I’m not sure you understand the functionality here, which is a bit tricky. Have you read the manual? This function works following:

  • Once you Solo any track manually…
  • After you select any other track, the newly selected track becomes Soloed and the original one Unsoloed.

Does it work this way?

No it does not


How does it work then on your side?

The selected track is not soloed. The solo/mute status does not change when selecting a different track. I have been toggling from new song(on track 2)and a reference song on track 1 for years (since SX 3) to match volumes for my backup tracks. Now it doesn’t work.
Please help


Could you attach some screenshots or a video, please? Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I’ve found a work-around. If I toggle twice, it works the second time. Martin, it’s likely due to my aging laptop. please don’t spend any more time on this as I have a work-around.
Thanks for your time