Preferences option to change default on new audio clips for Global Transpose

Preferences option to change default on new audio clips for Global Transpose

When you Bounce audio or Render in Place, new audio clips automatically default to Follow Global Transpose.

However, there are scenarios where this is not desireable or helpful, and can hinder workflow and cause unintended transpositions to be baked into audio that, if not realized quickly, can then lead to having to re-record audio from scratch or time-consuming backtracking to fix.

For example, if you have a song and are trying to identify the best key for a vocalist, you might transpose the song using a Transpose Track with audio/VST instruments following that. However, if you record vocals, those newly created clips do not require transposing, as the vocalist is singing in that key. Any subsequent work on those audio clips which is then bounced or rendered-in-place will result in audio clips where the Global Transpose is defaulted to “Follow”, even though this is not needed.

When working on audio clips like this, you might go through several iterations of processing and bouncing/rendering. During that process, it is very easy to forget to change the Global Transpose for each given clip to Independent.

If this is overlooked across processing stages, it can mean the audio needs to be re-recorded, which is not only extra time and work, but could also incur extra costs if, for example, you are paying a musician or vocalist.

It is also very tedious and irritating having to do it and breaks workflow.

This is a real-world usage scenario problem but with a simple solution.

Proposed Solution:
To resolve this issue, a Preference option should exist for Default Global Transpose value.

This could contain three options:

  • Follow
  • Indepedent
  • Original

The Original option would be the Global Transpose value of the original clip before a bounce/render-in-place. In this way, any newly recorded audio could default to Independent and then upon bounce/render in place, the new clip would be the same as the original, thus not introducing any unintended transposition.

If a clip is then changed to “Follow”, then any future bouncing/render in place of that would then create a new clip with “Follow”.