Preferences/Transport > Locate when clicked in empty space

This one is driving me nuts; in N12 and earlier I would set this to yes and then I could click in any blank spot in the timeline and the cursor would jump to that point, whether the transport was rolling or stopped, now it only works consistently if the transport is stopped. If I go to preferences and reset it I find it will work as expected for a few minutes and then stop working consistently again. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!


Could you try to change the setting in the preferences and then immediately quit Nuendo to store the setting to the given file in the preferences folder?

Does it help?

So far that is working perfectly, weird but wonderful, thank you!

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And now I’m back to this feature not working. Man, this is frustrating. I shouldn’t say it’s not working but sometimes I have to rapidly click multiple times to get it to work. FWIW, this is happening on two different M1 Apple Silicon computers running two different interfaces.