hi there ,i want to trash my preferences but how do i save my present key commands and recent projects in the file menu.
the reason is because i am using preferences which have come from another computer i was using for the bulk of my work with cubase and i am unable to save some pre sets for a few VST`s because i think they are being pointed to the wrong folders on this new computer. thanks

c>users>name of your computer>appdata>roaming>steinberrg>cubase 10
delete everything inside the Cubase 10 folder, then restart Cubase. But first…

to save your KC’s, inside the Cubase 10 folder look for presets>key commands. save that somewhere other than inside the Cubase 10 folder that you are about to delete. Once you have restarted Cubase, move the KC’s back.

As far as recent projects in the file menu, i don’t know since I don’t use that feature, but I’m sure someone here does

thanks very much for that and i have now found the recent projects xml ,it is Defaults.xml