Prelisten user drum midis

With the help of tools I finally managed to import my most important drum midis into a subfolder structure within the Cubasis midi folder. Import into projects works fine.

Now the remaining problem is that I can’t pre-listen my midi drum grooves (pre-listen only works for Steinberg content). But it is extremely tedious to import them one by one and then hit play just to hear the content.

I would get by with the workaround of an iPad drum app allowing to import many drum midis and then listen to them on the fly. But I didn’t find a single drum app allowing that.

Any chance to get pre-listen (at least from drum midis in GM standard) into a future Cubasis update?

Dear jimknopf,

Sorry but this is not possible, since the factory content previews for Cubasis have been specially produced for Cubasis and consist of audio files.


You could create little audio snips, jimknopf, name them the same as the corresponding midi file, and preview those

Found another solution:

Now I manage a choice of some 1200 drum midis within a dedicated midi program named “The midiplayer”.
To get the files there I used the Windows program iFunbox (access to iOS folders).
To get some order into the drum midis, I used the help of the Bulk Rename utility (prefixes for different kinds of drum grooves)

Result: I can prelisten to all grooves at a fingertip, and then choose the same midi within the Cubase folder structure (where I also got the files by using iFunbox).

Good tip!

Any plans to add this feature being added in a future update?

Not being able to preview user midi clips is frustrating.

Being able to preview then from the media browser and at the project tempo is a basic requirement for a media browser.