Preload of 250 songs (existing in 2 parallel setlists, remote control via MIDI from external app)

Hi, I have been playing with the save archive feature… Would it be doable to give us the possibility to choose the name of the export file/project? Right now its standard Alles/All.
Then I see that it always exports all . vlsong whether they are in the current export list or not. I don’t understand why actually.

It is the name of the project, as you last saved it.

Not quite sure what you mean. There is an option to save all assets (folders) such as Presets etc as defined by the “Local/Project” switch. If that is set, all Songs, Parts, Layers etc folders belonging to the project are also copied to the destination (archive) folder. If you don’t want that, untick that option. If you choose to, you can still manually copy the folders you want selectively.

Sure, but there are just 128 MIDI values and we can’t magically create more than that :slight_smile: So the offset is meant to be a “bank” type, to address more than 128, you will need a secondary action with an offset. Action 1 select 1-128, action 2 selects 129 - 256 etc.

True, Pitch Benbd and Aftertouch can address 14 bits (that’s 16.384 values), but it is unlikely that you want to use that with physical controllers. For the Virtual Midi “cables” that could work, but it’s a bit weird and we’d like to implement a more direct way.

This (like Bank Select) looks like a good idea at a first glance, but it is really not (and that is why we didn’t implement it like that yet). Accumulating more than one MIDI message on the same input port gets confusing, because the received MIDI data on a specific port may be meant to be proceeded to another receiver (Layer, Quick Control etc). If a MIDI input message is “eaten” by an Action, it is not proceeded any further.

The offset solution is quite similar indeed; it takes two action definitions to adress two “banks” of 128 values. You would have to define two messages anyway, for instance, Bank Select LSB and Bank Select MSB, so the effort is the same.

Thank you for your explanations, @musicullum , I now totally agree with you.

Of course, if we could have variables set by actions, it would give more power.

What I’m thinking of is an action assigning Data1 or Data2 to $var, and then:
Offset value = $var x 128

Yes, it would be great if there could be a solution with a „dynamic offset value“ (via midi) could be possible. :slight_smile:

On the created file name… Is there a way to change it?

Have a look on what happens on my system even after changing the save assets…

I created a new setlist and want to export only one song

Save assets is off and I re started VST

It creates a folder Alles (file name can’t be changed before archiving)


Audio folder is perfect

Layers … has all of the project

Parts… nothing

Songs… all of the project

Other folders not relevant…

I don’t understand why is not archiving only the assets/files related to the current setlist? Like in audio

Dear Pieffe,

might it be possible to create in the future a separate ticket regarding your file questions? I guess this would help other people in this forum to follow easier the aim of the initial topic and not loose the overview between the discussions?

I have the feeling that your topic is important enough to be managed seperately.

Kind regards

Not quite sure if I can follow. First, you did check “copy assets” when archiving, else those folders would not be there. Second, all Songs in the middle Song List, even if not in any setlist, belong to the project, so all of its assets are copied as well.

You can save a song seperately, but that does not offer the option to copy assets along with it. The Song knows where its assets are, but those may be elsewhere on any drive.

Will check to add “copy assets” for “Save Song”, but it’s complicated, unless it is stored to a dedicated empty folder, because other Songs or even projects may refer to those. Maybe you have a different suggestion, or are aiming for something different in the first place.

Hi Sam, I realize suddenly that I’m hijacking your original topic… sorry, had no intention to do so… maybe the admins can cut my topic and place it somewhere else.

Thanks for looking into it. The only thing I’d like to do is being able to export a setlist to another laptop, having all the related audio files and only related assets, including parts. So far I’ve been able to find a quick solution

Comming back to initial aim / content of this ticket ;-):

@ Jihem: Thanks for your last feedback.

a) your proposal: „Offset value = $var x 128“
→ Result you can select a huge range between range between 1 and 16384 (1 x 1 = 1 and 128 x 128 = maximum 16384)

b) My initial idea: „Offset value = $var + 128“ (small correction „+“ instead of „x“)
→ Result you can select only smaller between range (1 + 0 = 1 and max. 127 + 127 = only maximum 254)

I would prefer your proposal a) , because my initial idea b) is less powerful and increases the selection range only from 0 to maximum 254 which might be for some future use / other user / other use case scenarios with maximum 254 not enough / to less .

Therefore I fully support your approach a) which allows theoretically to select a range between 0 and maximum 16384.

@ Musicullum:

  1. You also suggested in your initial proposal „+“ instead of „x“. Do you also agree that using the multiplicative (x) approach of Jihem would be better?

  2. Theoretically this topic could be a solution which might become relevant also for other Steinberg software moduls which also use midi to communicate with other external applications (and not only for VST LIVE).

  3. Do you need a more detailed example to use a „midi action“ with „data 1“ and (x) „data 2“. To check the implementation feasibility?

Kind regards

As said before, it is no problem to generate any number when using more than one MIDI message, but that creates a problem with MIDI ports and because actions are based on one message only. An exception would be 2 byte messages such as Pitch Bend, and Aftertouch. We will check to use those for larger values (14 bits). But that is not applicable for physical controllers, it would however work for the Virtual MIDI automation approach.

Unfortunately, you are correct. This will be fixed with the next version.

You will have to create two actions, one without offset to select Songs from 1 to 128, and one with offset set to 128 to select Songs 129 thru 256 and so on. This way we avoid to need two MIDI messages which is a problem as explained before. Hope this helps (once it works).

Haven‘t got the ‘offset’ solution neither. Could you please explain how to select a song below #127 but also up to #255 in the same set list?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Repeated: create 2 actions, both “Select Song” with different MIDI status or channel or cc#, one w/o offset (Songs below 129, that is 1-128), and another one with offset 128 for Songs 128 through 256 from the same setlist.

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Just playing Devils Advocate: What happens if someone has 300 songs? Is it not a better idea to make the offset equivalent to bank (or virtual bank) select? (0=1->128, 1=129->256, 2=257->384). And you could do that in one action.

Obviously you’d need a limit - I don’t think 10,000+ songs is feasible :grinning:

You can set the offset to some high number, can‘t look it up right now but it‘s in the thousands :slight_smile:

@SKO Once offset action works, could you please post a screenshot of the 2 actions created for song select? Thanks in advance!

I’m really sorry beeing a complete idiot, overseeing that Project Catorgory Actions are fixed (as opposed to Layers, Channels etc which are dynamic), so one cannot add a second “Select Song” Action in the first place :frowning:

But a promise is a promise…so the next version will feature a new Action “Select Song 128+”, which should suffice to address up to 256 Songs. We also removed the offset from Actions and Shortcuts again.

Currently on vacation, no chance to test some stuff, so also added a MIDI Channel select to the Devices/Virtual MIDI Keyboard, which may come in handy here and there, also available with the next version.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Dear @musicullum I have so much respect and thankfulness for all you’ve brought to our music life that I can’t let you call yourself a “complete idiot”. You’re the exact opposite: a complete Genius!

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