Preload of 250 songs (existing in 2 parallel setlists, remote control via MIDI from external app)

Dear Musicullum,

Thanks for your great support and coordination :-).

I just found in the release notes for VST LIVE 1.3.13 the information that you “Added ‘Select Song 128+’ Action”.

Example from my test activities:

1. Enhanced configuration (see line "song select 128+ [NEW])

In my example programm changes via midi can be sent via midi channel 1 to select songs 0-127. To select a song in the range between song 129 - 256 I created a new configuration and allocated channel 2.

2. Send midi from external application (mobile sheets pro) to VST LIVE
Action: Send Midi programm change from external app (e.g. mobile sheets pro). For each song I configured a specific midi message to select a different song at VST LIVE:

3. VST changes automatically song at current setlist
Result: VST Pro is automatically selecting / loading the song 154 (= 128+25+1) at VST LIVE :
Precondition: You need to prepare a setlist with enough songs to be selected at VST LIVE.

Thanks Musicullum + VST LIVE Team to open this limitation.
This makes live much more easier in my daily live :-).


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