Premixing Cinema Film Music in 5.1 possible using headphones emulation software?

Hi guys,

can anyone with experience help me out in deciding what might be a good solution for premixing and bouncing 5.1 Stems using headphones for Cinema Film Music to later fine tune all the stems in a real cinema stage ?
I have seen a lot of products which might help me out doing this:

  • waves products (NX, Abbey Road Studio 3, Oceanways) being able to work in a 5.1 environment for headphones with head tracking.
  • Ambisonics in Nuendo with custom HRTF (5.1 Downmix possible ?)
  • Dolby Atmos Production Suite (5.1 Downmix possible ?) (And only working with Pro Tools ?) (Any headphones emulation software ?)

I have mixed some music in a cinema mixing stage many years ago and have learned that the X-Curve settings can also alter the music mix in larger mixing rooms.

There seem to be a lot of options and uncertain features of plugins (which is confusing me :slight_smile: and I have mainly used stereo bounces for film music until now.
Any helpful hint would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

I recommend ‘DearVR Monitor’ for that. I think it is the best solution right now.

Thanks, seems to be a nice software. willl try it out…

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Any other tips ?

About ambisonics, down mixing, Dolby Atmos etc, I think you may want to check this video out if you have not already done that.

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perfect, thanks, a lot to learn…