Prepare Archive option for Pool

I hadn’t used this option for a while and was surprised that it did not include the prompt “Make edits permanent?” any more. Was this feature discontinued or moved elsewhere in version 9.5?

I’m quite sure what you are talking about, is the “backup Project” function, which is where you can and could find this function.

You open the project’s pool (Pool option under the Project menu) where it lists all the audio files in the project. You right-click anywhere for a drop-down menu on which you find the option “Prepare Archive…” In previous versions of Cubase this option would first prompt you to “Make edits permanent?” A yes answer would replace all audio files in the pool with a new version that now has all edits applied. The original files still exist, but are no longer in the pool. After this finishes, all the files in the project’s “Edits” folder are no longer used and can be deleted.

With a large project, there can be numerous small files in the “Edits” folder. It was nice to be able to clean this up before archiving the project.
In 9.5 the “Prepare Archive…” option no longer prompts me to “Prepare Archive…” and seems to do nothing. I can’t get rid of the Edits folder.