Prepare than Print the separate tracks, using the same layout than the multitrack file in cubase 12

My symphony has 16 tracks for 16 instruments.
After preparing the conductor score, with the 16 instruments, I need to print all the separate instruments, one by one, without loosing a lot of time to prepare a new layout for each instrument.

For the conductor score, I unchecked the Layout indications for all the instruments, except the first one (the piccolo), as you do not duplicate the tempo indication for all the instruments. You just have it on the top of the highest instrument. And that wasn’t only for the metronom indications, but also for the Layout text, that I use for the textual tempo indication (like moderato, Allegro, presto, etc.). In this layout, I also did not ask to regroup the blank mesures, as you do not need that in the conductor score.

After printing the conductor score, I went to the score of each instrument and I found only the metronom indications but not the Layout text for example. And I was not able to regroup the blank bars, without creating a new layout.

How to make all this easy? is there a function that allow to print all the separate parts?
without making a new layout for each instrument?
Showing the Layout text for all instruments? and regrouping all the silent bars only in the separate tracks (that I do not want in the general conductor score).

All these details could be handful to easily prepare the separate parts at the same time we prepare the general score.