Preserving similar chord edits through a score?

Hello, I’m on the trial version of Dorico Pro 2 (… damn, after 2 days using Dorico I’m convinced I’ll be buying it…having been a longtime Sibelius user who has dabbled in Finale, I’m sold on Dorico and excited about its future. My stress level have gone down now that I won’t spend every waking moment to either re-learning Finale or just trying to authorize Sibelius to actually work on my other studio use computer… Dorico is a lifesaver and time-saver for me after only two days of cracking it open.)

I have a question about some general settings regarding chord symbols.

  • I’ve been importing some XML files (…brilliant translation!) , saving as ‘dorico’ files, going into ‘Write’ mode, and re-editing some chord symbols.

I have great success in designing the chords, suffixes, etc. (…again, brilliantly easy)

But, after I edit and change some chords , I can’t find a way that Dorico will apply the same changes to all chords that are identical throughout the score.

I see how to save ‘default chord fonts’ and chord symbols, I can enter “Engraving Options” and save my preferred chord settings to ‘default’, and I can use but I don’t see (…yet) how changes in “Edit Chord Symbol Appearance” can apply to all similar chords throughout the score, without having to re-do every chord.

Is this possible? Is this a limitation of the 'trial software?

Otherwise, I’m having a great time exploring Dorico. (I shouldn’t have tried it…now I need it!)

Ahh…I see that in ‘Write’ mode I can choose a chord that I have edited and like the look of, then copy it, and then paste it over other similar chords.

That works.

But, it would still be nice if any changes made in the ‘Edit Chord Symbol Appearance’ would take effect in any other chords with the same suffixes, etc.

Welcome to the forum, cmillar. The idea is that you should be able to make global changes on the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options that should obviate the need for making lots of individual adjustments to chord symbols in the project. However, if you find that you can’t achieve the look you’re after through the options, then you can use the Project Default Chord Symbols dialog to “promote” an individual change you’ve made to a chord symbol to the default for that particular combination of root, quality, interval and alterations. Details are here.

Hello and thank you Daniel… I think you’ve done a wonderful job with Dorico, saying that from my being a Sibelius user since version 2. I feel ‘at home’ now that I’m getting into Dorico. (…was a sad day when you left Sibelius, but it’s nice to see how you’ve turned that into a great new opportunity to create Dorico).
Very exciting … I’ll probably even explore the many ‘VST-DAW-like-sequencing’ possibilities, even though I’m thrilled to discover that ‘NotePerformer’ can just be ported over to Dorico…your team has made this all so easy to setup!

Re: my question… not so much of a question now after all now. The default jazz chord engraving options are the best out of any of the notation programs, in my view. Thanks for the link and thoughts.

Will get the credit card out this weekend! Congratulations on a fine piece of artistry/techonology!

I’m really pleased you’re finding your feet with Dorico. Any issues at all, please just let us know.