preset browser window always visible

Is there the way to make preset browser window always visible?

Some instruments such as the Halion and Groove Agent have a checkbox for this. Which plugin are you referring to?

I meant Halion SE… i havent seen any checkbox…


But when you click somewhere outside the browser window, window is closing…

Always on Top checked?

Always on top? … if i remember well, there’s no this option for browser window… in windows menu (?)
Btw im using Elements.

if you mean preferences → vst → plugin in editors - always on top - i have this funcion checked…

Right Click in a blank spacein the plugin GUI and you should get an Always on Top option. This would need to be active if you click outside the plugin GUI or it would bring whatever you click on to the top.

checked… doesn’t work for browser

How about in the plugin?

both chceckboxes, in preferences and in the plugin gui. It works just for the plugin gui not for preset browser.

OK. I am back home now and am checking it…
On my system (Windows 10 with Cubase 9.0.30), I have Always on Top check in the HSSE GUI and in the Preset Browser, I have the Keep Dialog Open box checked. When I click anywhere, the HSSE GUI seems to stay on top and the Preset Browser stays on top of that or on top of wherever I move it.
I even tried opening the Mixer and Channel Settings window and clicking around in those. It seems the HSSE GUI and Preset Browser always stay on top. Not sure what your OS or Cubase version is but perhaps that has something to do with it?

II have Cubase Elements 9.0.30, HSSE and Win 10…
its a bit annoyng when I want to try some different sounds… it works the same way with Groove Agent

Maybe in PRO it works different way, i’ve noticed that in media bay, loop browser windows etc. there is “always on top” function under right click… in preset browser there is not.

oh i have watched picture from @Romantique once again… i havent this “keep dialog open” option in my browser… i was watching for someting under right mouse click…
it seems it doesnt work for Elements and HSSE2…

Thank You!

Something strange. I just tried it in Cubase 9.0.30 AI (which is a lower level than Elements) and everything works with HSSE (the same as with Pro).
Wish I could help more.

…thank you anyway