Preset Default Ratings: 0 Stars

When I’m browsing through presets, so many presets have 3 stars and I’ve never even opened them before. It would be nice to have presets that haven’t been set by the user to be set to 0 or empty by default. That way, it would be a lot easier to tell the presets I’ve used and specifically went out of my way to rate from the factory presets I’ve never touched.

Yes, yes, a billion times yes!

Yes, agreed!


yes, or even better, a way to get rid of them atlogether

Set up a Meda Bay view that lists all the presets. Select one and crtl+A to select them all. Now either click to the left of the stars (aka star 0) or hit delete (I forget which), go get coffee.

Problem is you have to repeat the process when new presets are introduced.

Do you mean when ANY new preset including my own one is introduced, or only when new stock preset is introduced?

Like new Steinberg libraries, not things you create.

A few years ago I did play around with creating a user defined Attribute where I could save my own independent ratings. Can’t remember exactly what it was, but it ended up being too cumbersome for regular use.

I’ve also, because bunches of new 3-stars can suddenly appear, stopped using the stars as a sliding scale of how good or bad a preset is. Instead each star has a meaning

5 stars - used in a Project
4 stars - should be used in a Project, look for opportunities to use
3 stars - new, unheard, not evaluated in any manner
2 stars - good usable sound
1 star - flagged for some special reason

might even be cool to have like a short comment or description parameter as well. would be cool, but definitely fixing the star issue is more important i think.

You can add that yourself. I think one area folks tend to overlook is the ability to create user defined Attributes. These are particularly useful for keeping track of some characteristic that isn’t of general interest. For example I defined a Y/N Attribute to indicate if a preset was good to use with a MIDI guitar (which I never use anymore, but I’m sure I will soon…).

But in this case you don’t even need to do that.
A) In the Media Bay’s Attribute Inspector on the Defined tab click the gear icon to configure it.
B) Select the Media Type you want to change the attributes for from the drop-down list.
C) Under ‘Media’ you’ll find the ‘Comment’ Attribute, check the box next to it

+1 for a starting default of 0 stars.

Regards. :sunglasses:


+100 I really get frustrated by any company that doesn’t allow you to delete factory presets.