preset formats in Halion 3 and Halion 4

as a halion and cubase user since the 80’s i have accumulated hundreds if not thousands of presets for Halion and all other presets. as the software has evolved in amazing ways the formats have changed.
i somehow managed the transition from the old .fxp/.fxp format to the .xml format. but now there is the latest .vstpreset format and i have difficulties to incorporate my older presets into Halion 4.

can someone please map out clearly the relationship between the 3 formats and how i can translate one into the other.

if i try to load a vstpreset file created in H3 i get an error in H4 saying it does not recognize the format.

in H3 it also seems that i can only save a whole bank, not a single preset.

the mediabay does not even see fxp/fxb

previously presets where stored in xml format in the C/user… folder. now presets end up in My Documents as vstpreset.

bottomline: CONFUSION!

please clarify!

Hi kamalski,

you will only have to drag-and-drop the fxp- file from your Windows Explorer into your HALion 4.5 Slot Rack
or you can use the Browser in your HALion 4.5

If you just change the file name from fxp to vstpreset, that won’t work.

To be able to help you it would be good to know how you created the .xml files and what is it good for?

best regards