Preset selection in FXpansion Bloom

Just for the record, I reported this to FXpansion first… :wink:

When I open the browser in Bloom, Selecting a preset does nothing (since upgrading to either cubase 8 or 8.05, not sure which update started it). This isn’t the case with most VST’s, but there could be more. I’ve not tested all of mine by far. Obviously, some developers are using a method in their VSTs that works, and a few are doing something that got broken when 8 rolled out. Not sure who needs to blink, but it would be great if there could be some joint communication to make everything play well together. FXpansion advised me to roll back cubase, btw. That is not a reasonable option, in my opinion.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know but I’m having the same problem. Guess I better go through and check the rest of my plugins.

I’ll post back if I find anything else. I guess we wait and see how this plays out.

Edit: I wonder if we should post this in the issues forum?


this is already in the Issue Reports:
Same behaviour for all FXpansion plug-ins. Will be fixed.


Thanks, Fabio.

Ditto that. Thanks Fabio! :smiley:

I need to add that this appears to also be affecting 2C Audio Kaleidoscope as well. The tuning and image browsers do not work in 8.05 but they do work in 7.5.