presets from C6.5 to C8

I have a huge collection of presets from my current C6.5 that are stored like this:

1.track presets (generated from project window) stored as .xml files
2.mixer settings (stored from mixer window) as .vmx files
3.preset management files (from channel window/inserts) as .xml files

C8 does not recognize those files directly and the Media Bay doesnt see them either.
how can i carry those files over to C8 or convert/import them?
(I had a similar problem in the transition from Halion 3 to Halion 4. H4 could not import my H3 presets properly. Steinberg never offered a solution, so now i am on Kontakt…)


I am not by my computer at the moment. However the presets are stored in Steinberg folders in various places:

For some reason my FX Chain presets are in My Documents/Steinberg


C/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Cubase x

Then just copy the files you need.

I have just set up a new computer and searching for the files I needed took ages.

hi silhouette.
are you saying to copy all the .xml and .vmx files to the folder (C/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Cubase x ) in C8?
and then the presets show up where?

thanks for your input!

I have got my computer on this time.
The track presets you have saved should be in the C/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Track Presets folder simply copy them over to the equivalent folder.
I don’t have 6.5 loaded but I think it is exactly the same.
You might have some issues as the mixer is quite different in 8 to 6.5. Worth a try though.
Remember to copy the original file so that you can replace them if it all goes wrong.

I am afraid there is a lot of mucking about finding where everything is. I seem to remember that there is a FAQ about preset locations on the SB site.

It would probably be a good idea to start Templates from scratch. If you really want to introduce them try one out and see what happens. I have had some peculiar behaviour from one template - I had some unexplained freezes/crashes that were from some 32 bit plugins that Cubase 8 did not like at all.

I hope that helps.

I gave up trying to copy FX chains across. It is easier to load a 6.5 project in 8 and then save the FX chain as a preset in the new format.

That is certainly one way of doing it.

Perhaps there ought to be an export presets option.

in my book that is NOT a solution! i am not talking a couple of presets, i am referring to hundreds.
looks like another one of SB’s attitudes of : screw power users for the sake of some fancy footwork to please the geeks!
IMHO thats one reason why SB can’t get the pro customers that ProTools has: PT keeps improving without unnecessary new learning curves and cosmetic gadgets ! professional users need tools that work and don’t change workflow.

thanks for all your input anyway!