presets in odd place, how to fix this ????

in the manual is states…

User-defined presets are saved in the following location:
-Windows: \Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\VST3 presets<company><plug-in name>

but I just discovered that on my system they are being saved on a network drive.
in the same folder as my Word Documents pertaining to customers products.

Why are they being stored here ???
How do I get them to store in the correct places (as stated in the manual) ???

I just check, the presets are being sent to the wrong place with both N6.0 and N6.5


Sorry I can not help here - I can just add that it annoys and confuses me how preset files are stored in Steinberg Software. That changed about 10 times in the last 14 years - resulting that I usually loose all my presets when I went on with a new Version or a new DAW… I just stopped using presets. It is a shame but I am not able to 100% understand how and why the handling of presets changed that often. At least the most current path/way seems to be quite cool, but I never transfered the presets from my old DAW 3 months ago… Because - depending on the plugins - third party stuff is stored somewhere else etc…