Presets missing

I have Absolute 3/Groove Agent 4 (latest version), and some of my presets have gone missing. All the browser shows is the Prime Cuts expansion - no Factory content, no other expansions I own.

The SE version seems to be fine, with all presets/expansions showing up.

How can I fix this?

I am using Cubase 9.5.41 (Win10 x64), from a fresh Cubase 9.5 install done a few months ago, with the latest version of Groove Agent.
I am not sure when they went missing, if it was on the last update or before that.

I have a similar problem with AWOL presets and paths after a fresh install of Cubase 10. It seems the installer isn’t able to install things properly and the Steinberg Library Manager moves things but paths don’t get updated.

I haven’t noticed if it happened when I did a clean install of Cubase, that may be the case…

I’ll check with support and post here afterwards.