Presets with ‘swing’ patterns

Do any of the presets in groove agent (inc with Cubase 13 or Absolute 6 collection) have any ‘swing’ patterns (like you’d find on old Santra songs, as an example). I’m struggling to find patterns in the presets that contain anything usable for my needs (and I’m no drum programmer, so can’t make my own in the timeframe I have available). Thanks in advance to any suggestions :+1:

I’m not sure, if there’s any swing programmed presets.

However, can’t you add swing to pretty much any pattern in Groove Agent?

Maybe have a look at the user manual and search for “swing” - it should show where to find that control.

not sure about GA, but if you have NI Komplete, they are in Vintage Drummer and 50s. You could copy those midi into GA and use with it. You may need to remap. Not sure.

Select ‘Pattern’ on the left then you have access to the Swing control:

Also, you could drag your midi patterns into Cubase and use the tools available in the Drum Editor to create the type and level of swing you want. Here’s an article from SOS and if you search the web you can find more info including some good walkthrough videos

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My understanding from the post is, OP is asking for swing music. not swing feature. I have the Simon Phillips expansion. It has about 6 swing patterns though most are more complex jazz patterns IMO. I still think the stuff in NI Abbey is more workable. If you have access, try loading midi patterns from 50s and 60s kits into the vintage kit.