Presonus Faderport 8

So… Has anyone tried this yet? Is it any good in Cubase?

I currently have a CC121 + Avid Artist Mix. It makes a fine workflow for me, but if there are enough advantages with the Faderport 8, I am considering switching my Artist Mix in favour of one.

I am especially interested in how the fader setup buttons work. Instant button for making the faders only show VCA for instance? Very interesting…

That looks fantastic…
Want :slight_smile:

If Steinberg could make something like this (with AI knob etc, basically an 8-channel cc121) I’d be all over it.

On the website of presonus I didn’t see any support mentioned for Cubase specifically, will probably be mackie compatibility modus operandus!
I only have a CC121 and it beats everything because of it’s simplicity and single purpose strategy, whoppa!

@myhrik it´s pretty awesome, to update, there is a patch for improving the integration with Cubase and it´s a whole new level of workflow for the studio… basically anything can be mapped to FP8, from plugins to preferences, and the HW is really well laid out…

Check this video showing the controller in action:
(skip to min 12:35 for the demo)

Cheers :wink: