Presonus FaderPort fader is off by a few dB in Cubasis

Hi all. I’m using a Presonus FaderPort v2 (2018) with Cubasis on iPadOS. Everything is up to date: Cubasis 3.4.3 on iPadOS 15.6, iPad Pro 12.9-inch M1 2021. The FaderPort is new, and has been updated to its latest firmware.

For the most part, it works fantastically. I’m using it via Cubasis’ Mackie mode (both in and out, so the motorised fader responds to on-screen changes, buttons light up to reflect state, etc). The FaderPort itself is in Cubase compatibility mode. Scroll, zoom, transport, solo, mute, panning, volume, etc etc etc all work. There’s just a small issue: the physical fader is consistently a few dB off Cubasis’ actual value for the current track; the fader tends to be about 3dB lower than the true software value.

I’ve run through troubleshooting with Presonus support, and I’ve also tested the FaderPort (in suitable operation modes) with Studio One 5 (native mode), and Cubase 12 (Cubase mode), both on the latest version of macOS. The fader accurately reflects the software value, and vice versa, in those applications. This leads me to believe it’s an issue specific to Cubasis itself.

Note that this is not a “catch up” problem; I’ve accounted for catch-up by moving the fader beyond the target value in both directions and then back again. The base calibration within Cubasis is just somehow a few dB off.

It’s not a big problem at all, since I don’t tend to read values from the hardware fader, but it would be nice if it worked accurately in Cubasis too.

Update: I also tested with Reason 11 on macOS, and the fader is substantially accurate there too.

Another update: tested with latest Logic Pro on macOS, and the fader is perfectly in sync with the DAW. Definitely not a hardware issue with the controller. Seems to be totally specific to Cubasis itself.

Further update: PreSonus says they “don’t support Cubasis”, but as I said this really does seem like a Cubasis-specific issue (since the same mode on the FaderPort works fine in Cubase on the Mac). Any help on this, @LSlowak ? :pray:

Hi @mattgemmell,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply (due to vacation).

Please note that macOS and iOS are different. Are you able to give the FaderPort another check on iOS, using a different app?

In addition, could it be of help creating your own preset in Cubasis to get around the issue?