Presonus Faderport V2


I am planning to buy a single fader controller and I am comparing the X-Touch One with the Faderport V2. Been searching but honestly could not find the following…

Can the F1, F2, F3 and F4 buttons of the Faderport V2 be programmed using Studio → Studio Setup… → Remote Devices → Mackie Control. There are lots of options to choose from but I’m not sure if this will work with the Faderport. Standard F1-F4 buttons are assigned to “Open Channel Visibility Configuration 1, 2, 3 and 4” but I read somewhere that even that does not work. The picture shown below is just a print screen of what is shown when you add the Mackie Control. I do not have a controller yet so it’s just a dummy picture.

So simple question… Can the F1-F4 buttons on the Faderport V2 be configured (Assigned here) and will that work?

Thanks in advance,

It depends on the firmware version of the Faderport v2. One of the firmware updates broke this functionality. It was possible for me to downgrade the firmware and get it working again, but it did make me somewhat lose faith with the product, especially as Presonus showed very little interest in fixing the issue.
I eventually sold mine and bought an X Touch One, which has more functionality than the Faderport v2 anyway.

Thanks Djangodeadman… Thanks for your answer. Yes… I did read about that firmware issue. I believe that was over a year ago… How is the quality of the x-touch. Is that comparable to the presonus. I had some guitar pedals of behringer and they were soooo bad. Fell apart upon changing a battery in the first week. Is this x-touch any good? I compared them and only functional difference I could find was the displays.

I’m perfectly happy with the quality of construction of the X Touch One. It is plastic, compared to the metal of the Presonus, but it feels sturdy enough to me.

You get the displays on the X Touch, as you say. You also get a jog wheel, which can scrub, as well as the ability to bank through the channels in the mixer. Neither unit is capable of properly following channel selection outside of the current bank, but being able to bank through them does make it somewhat more useable. Some of the buttons on the Presonus do not have any function when used in MCU mode with Cubase, which I found irritating. The X Touch One gives you four assignable Function buttons, like the Presonus, but Behringer haven’t (yet!) crippled them with a firmware update, as Presonus did with the Faderport v2!

I found the Presonus perfectly fine to use, but I do find the Behringer to be somewhat more useful. Neither is perfect, though. I might think differently if I were a Studio One user, though, since the Presonus unit is designed to fully integrate with that.

Hi Djangodeadman… Thanks very much for taking the time and all the info… :+1::notes: