Presonus Firewire studio

This was recommended to me so that you can link units and increase from 8 to 16 inputs etc. via Firewire. Has anyone experience with this? Some posts indicated problems with Firewire or using with Windows computers.

A year with no reply. No help in this forum.

A year with no reply.

A year? From 12 Jan 2012 to 26 Jan 2012…

Also, you might consider that simply no one with the setup you mention has been by to read this post, rather than insinuate that we’re all ignoring you on purpose. Which do you think is more likely?

Here you go -

I’m sorry, but while first searching for help on this subject, I turned up a post by myself on the same subject from about a year ago with no answer.

I perhaps made the mistake of having gone ahead and ordering the item. While waiting for it to arrive, I started reading lots of negative posts both here and on the Presonus forum about incompatibilities with many systems. And while a few said techs were helpful, some others had the most negative things to says about lack of support.
So it arrived on Saturday, and I tried to connect it to my PC DAW as a test and there was a warning that the install could damage my computer. So then I tried a PC that I use mainly for Photoshop and video that had a Firewire port. When I installed the driver and connected the Firestudio Project, the blue light only flashed momentarily and the red light stayed on, which meant they didn’t sync.
So I called Presonus and was put on a queue that periodically repeated that I was in line on the queue and if I wanted a callback, I could press 1. So after 85 minutes, I pressed 1, and only then was it mentioned (not in the manual) that the help is M-F. I left a message that I had read a lot of reviews about problems and lack of support, and was supposed to receive a return call Monday, with regular hours but didn’t, so perhaps a lot of the negative reviews about problems and lack of support are true.