PreSonus HP4 headphone amplifier, quick review

I got this because of the control room feature, so I can have a second lane with tb Isone (I can work with my headphones, AKG K701, like with good nearfields).

…and I like this amplifier a lot.

  • Only EUR 99,- @ Thomann
  • Sounds better and much clearer than my old frontend (Mackie 802-VLZ3)
  • Powerful amplifier
  • 4 Outputs so I can work together with a buddy, which is always nice

As soon as my studio is complete I will get two more of those for the cue feeds.

This item is really a sweet spot if you ask me.

Interesting. I have a Behringer powerplay pro-XL which is roughly the same price but it’s got some more features. I’m sure the presonus sounds a bit better though. I only use it for headphone feeds during recording so I don’t need pristine quality. Would be interesting to have a sound quality comparison between the 2.

In addition to the perceived good sound quality the HP4 also has a “Mono” button and a “Monitor Mute” button. Both of which come in very handy. Especially the “mono” button as Cubase 7 does not have a quick way to do that on the main stereo out track.

Hm, I never use that button, because I prefer the control room feature.

Having said that, I think Steinberg is even right in not providing the “mono” functionality in the main mix, because for monitoring, there is the control room.

If you ask me, the control room should be standard, not the main mix, for monitoring anyway.

Except for people like me, who use Cubase Artist :wink:

Ok, thats true, sorry.

I have to admit… I don’t use the control room (probably should try it, and I will one of these days…). I just use the mixconsole to get the sounds I like then export the results as a .wav or .mp3. In that process I sometimes will click that mono button on the HP4 just to hear the subtle differences between panned and not panned tracks.

I also should have mentioned that I did vote for a “mute button” on the stereo out track when it was suggested in the feature request forum… :sunglasses: