Presonus interface issues


Did anyone have issues when configuring Presonus interface in Cubase 10.5 (or other versions). Have tried eveything i can think of to no avail. support is very slow and not paticularly helful!!




What kind of issue have you exactly, please?

Cubase will not play back> audio recording ok but no playback and performance meter maxing out!

Have checked all drivers etc and setup should be ok but to no avail


Have you checked (Presonus) universal control utility and ensured everything is up to date?


Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.

Yeah ive done all that. I even downloaded bandlab to try another daw and it semms to be playing back ok?



Is it a USB Device? Is it USB2 or USB3? Is it plugged to USB2 or USB3?

A usb3 into usb2

Sorry i should have said its ac powered and usb 3 from interface to usb2 in my pc

Have you set up the output correctly in connections and then made sure that tracks are routed to the main out? I ask as these can be lost when using a different interface on existing projects. Worth a check.