Presonus Studio 6|8 - Routing to Hardware EQ

Gear: Presonus Studio 6|8 (4 in 4 out)
DAW: Cubase Artist 8.5

I want to be able to take a stereo track in my DAW (Cubase 8.5) and play it back, outputting it to a hardware equalizer where I can hear the eq changes live, then bring it back into my DAW, where it would be recording as a new track with the equalization applied. Is that possible using the Studio 6|8?

My thought is to take the main out to the equalizer then return and use the number 3 & 4 inputs. Not sure if this will work. Any other ideas?

Would this be easier to do using Cubase 9.5 Pro?

sure, why would it be a problem? It’s a very common routing. The only issue is uncompensated latency in the external gear will render the incoming audio out of time. So, there is an external hardware option for that if you have Pro.

Thank you very much for your answer.
My main concern was a feedback loop.

I guess my best option is to update to Cubase 9.5.

Why update? it’s worked in every version of full Cubase for years and years. I’ve been doing it since C4

But he is on Artist.
@nickmaccamy: If it´s just for the Master bus, then the time delay maybe isn´t really anything to be concerned about.

ah, yeah sorry missed that. Also, you could do a manual movement of the incoming audio event too. It really depends on what is being done. The benefit in Pro in the regard is delay compensation of the round trip audio. I don’t know enough about Artist to figure out other short comings.

All roads point me to Cubase Pro 9.5. I’ll bite the bullet.

Does this mean I’ll be a pro??? :smiley:

I told ya…:slight_smile: