Press Play button but a little delay start song

Why When I press the Play button on a song,The start of song is start a little delay. How to fix.

Ram 8Gb
Audio interface: Tascam US-2x2
Cubase LE AI Elements 8 64bit

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Seriously, if I need to have the project run in sync with a backing track for instance (outside of CB, streaming service for example) I set a loop point at the start of the secion and keep pressing the ‘1’ key until the beat is in sync, then I let the project run along… have not found any other way as I believe CB does not store the start of a song in any buffer, like with Traktor.

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I never used these functions so I am not sure if any of these would cause the issues you have but might be worth a check…

  • Maybe you somehow changed the “Track Delay” settings? This function is found in the inspector section. An example of it is shown in the operation manual page 87.
  • Maybe you changed some of the settings in the Project>Project Setup menu that might make it seem like your project start is delayed? Look in the operation manual on page 76.

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Thank you VinnieD and Prock.

I did not set any “Track delay” and “Project Setup”

It does not like my “Propellerhead Reason8” When I press Reason8’s play button. The song start same time as i press.!AnXOIU_dkDcrkAB9vsNLjBiCWg72

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

You do realize that the song is recorded starting at bar 2, right? So there will be a slight delay as the cursor moves from it’s start position to bar 2. If that is what the issue is you could change the values in the project setup menu or you could just move your audio to the left to be somewhat closer to bar 0.

However, giving some room at the beginning of your projects is typical. So if this is the issue I would not worry about it. When you finally mix it down the mixdown will start at the right locator position and the delay will be nil if you set that locator close to the beginning of the song.

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Reduce the ASIO buffer size, render large latency fx down.

Thank you all.

Just a little bit delay as videos.!AnXOIU_dkDcrkARBeJfFOyOmpPPT