Pressing "Reset to factory" in "Vertical Spacing" reset my custom values in "Page Setup"

Dear users and developers,

Pressing “Reset to factory” in “Vertical Spacing” resets my custom values in “Page Setup”. I did not examine all the values, but it seems that pressing “Reset to Factory” in a subcategory resets the complete values in the whole items of “Layout Options”.
For me, it seems to be a bug. I would like to reset only what I am working on. In the example case above, it would be better that pressing “Reset to factory” in “Vertical Spacing” resets only whole values of the “Vertical Spacing”.

What do you think about it?

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The buttons in the bottom left corner are all or nothing. The advantage of this (and it’s one I depend on frequently) is that if you hit Save as Default, then switch to another project and hit Reset to Saved Defaults, you get all of it.

We’ve been told that at some point we’ll get better control over transferring settings between projects.

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