Pressing the Main Transport Bar closes Key Editor

I’m into my second week trialling Cubase, considering a changeover from Sonar. I think I’m not doing so badly :slight_smile: but there is one thing starting to bug me … perhaps some knowledgeable users can help me out here.

One thing I keep doing is, when I’m in Key Editor, I keep pressing the Play or Stop in the MainTransport bar, which closes the Key Editor, and takes me to the main page … this is beginning to annoy me really a LOT! I can’t dock the Key Editor (like I can in Sonar) — maybe there is a way around this someone can advise me :slight_smile: so that I don’t keep pressing the wrong transport bar … keeping the Key Editor open whatever transport bar I press Play in would be an idea … is there a way, or some other suggestion?


Hey Mosaic.

I migrated from Sonar X2a to Cubase almost 2 years ago after being with Sonar since 6 Studio.

You can start playback using the [Enter] key at the extreme right of the keyboard under the number pad [Windows].
And use [0] for stop.

Try those.

Hi Mosaic

Never had this problem. I use the space bar for start/stop. I do know that the “enter” key will close whatever the top window is, a feature I use quite a lot to open and close the key editor, perhaps there’s a KC conflict there?

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Going from what you are saying, I wonder if it is possible that you are clicking on the transport controls in the Project Window Toolbar (as opposed to the Transport Panel), with the result that the Key Editor is getting covered by the Project Window. If that’s the case, use the transport panel (default keystroke F2)

+ once or twice will get the Key Editor back (assuming you are using Windows).

Thanks for the replies. Like Steve had suggested, I was clicking on the transport controls in the Project Window Toolbar (as opposed to the Transport Panel). I knew this was the reason, its just that when the Key Editor was open, I just seemed to naturally always go for that Project Window Toolbar for the Play and Stop, and it always then put the Key Editor out of view. So, I was looking for a solution that would prevent me doing this. For now, what I did was hide the Transport from the main Project Window toolbar, so now I have to get used to using the movable Transport Panel. I might experiment aswell with sizing my Key Editor so it goes over the top of the Project Windo Toolbar when its open (although I am not not sure what other tools that I need it might then cover).

I liking Cubase - obviously a few things I’m used to in Sonar will take time to adjust to – dockability of any window being one of them.

That’s about the only thing that I missed from Sonar, but now with mutli-monitors, I just drag over to each what I want to see.

Main [centre] monitor = Main project window.
Left monitor = Mixer
Right monitor = Vsts

Hi Mosaic, I think you will find most of the tools you need are in the Key Editor toolbar, which you may add to and subtract from and save as your presets. Logical Editor, which I use regularly etc., can be given a key shortcuts. Enjoy Cubase.