Pretty Please, Listen in Mixer Bank?

Guys, listen! :sweat_smile:

Listen is currently in the Edit menu, which means one has to select a specific track and give the command to Listen to it. (or just directly click the button in the Mixconsole for that specifc channel)
There’s also “Listen for All Visible Channels On/Off” in the “Mixer” category, that pushes listen on all visible channels.

Could we please have listen perform like Mute and Solo do, and be able to directly target any channel in a Mixer Bank Zone?

I think it would be quite useful, no?

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Hi there, isn’t it the Monitor option?

I see it in each of the Mixer Bank Zone channels.

Monitor is a different thing. Listen is the “L” button in each mixconsole channel.

It’s like a soft solo. Instead of listening to the channel and nothing else (Solo), it allows us to listen to the channel, and everything else is dimmed in volume by a specified value. So we listen to the channel in context of the rest of the mix, but loud enough to concentrate on the details.

Listen is beautiful, I find I am using it more than Solo. But right know I have to select each track first to “Listen” to it. If we had this option in the mixer bank zone, I could assign 8 buttons per bank to “Listen” to any channel (or combination) of channels immediately.

It’s a PFL system. It’s common in broadcast and live sound. It replaces the solo system in those areas.
Maybe this is an option here as well.

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Why not use the control room as that’s what it’s designed for ? Sorry misunderstood the question but , can’t you work around with the controlroom ?

But I am using the control room already. I don’t think you can use listen if you don’t have the control room enabled?

Let me clarify the request:

I have a control surface.

I have a fader for each channel. 8 of them in a row.
I have a button that Mutes each channel. 8 of them in a row.
I have a button that Soloes each channel. 8 of them in a row.
There is no way to assign a Listen button for each channel.

Yes , i use Listen all the time .

I really know nothing about “Listen” honestly, it’s just that I saw that when I assign “Monitor” the “Listen” button you describe, gets activated.

Really???! I’ve got to try this.

Ohhh , now i understand , sorry , um must admit i’ve never looked for a Listen for selected channel command

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I too use Listen all the time, it lets you focus on a specific track while maintaining a tonal/harmonic/rhythmic reference. It would be great if it could be activated like Solo. But you can create a key shortcut to apply Listen to a specific track, and then map it to some button in your controller - I have in my system, using my master keyboard as a kind of controller, works really well. To disable Listen and enable another key shortcut, but this part is straightforward.


Not seeing that here, unfortunately. It would be a nice surprise!

Strange. Did you set your noteOn to toggle?

Yes, but I get an ordinary Monitor command.

Listen, Monitor

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Ah, haha, sorry it’s my ignorance! Of course you’re right, I confused the Listen with the Monitor button as seen in my mixConsole. Sorry for the time you’ve lost on this!

No time lost. I secretly hoped a simple mislabel could hide a feature!

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Anyway, it is a very nice feature indeed, I always used to put my fader up for this :joy: ! I will certainly add it to my script. And since there is not yet a binding for this one, I’ll go for setting it up as a double-action “select Track->Apply Listen”. Actually I’ve done something quite similar already for the Defeat property. TY!

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