Pretty Please… More VCMs

I recently started using cubase exclusively for everything and I bought the Yamaha collection and the RND bundle and I must say they sound amazing… I love them. I know Im late but I wanted to post this anyway. I really would like to see more plugins with this VCM technology. Thank you.

I have not heard anything bad said about the RNDs.

I can’t believe I haven’t jumped on these. All of these Waves promos are distracting!

And there’re 50% off what they were before, so now is the best time to pick them up. You can even try the 30 day trial first if you want. I did… And I was lucky enough to compare them myself with the hardware versions my friend has and I was sold instantly… Now he’s even considering selling his hardware to just get the plugins that are much much cheaper. I recommend everyone to at least try them.

Yes, the RND Comp/EQ are beautiful things. I purchased the bundle a few months back. I think I only ran the trial versions for about an hour before buying. I realized quickly that I would never be able to give them up. So, don’t install the trial unless you are ready to spend some money. Money well spent, though, in my opinion :slight_smile: .