Prevent ANY region names being automatically assigned?

Here’s a question for the hive-mind:

Is it possible to have newly created regions NOT get assigned a region name at all? (ie: Name field just stays blank).

There’s a reason I’m asking - the “Hide Region Names” command won’t fix this for me. I want to be able to see the region region-group icon overlaid on regions (shows up on the top right hand side when regions are grouped) but not region names as they tend to obscure too much valuable region data (ie: MIDI and CC data) in the project track view when zoomed out and tracks are at one-space heights. Unfortunately “Hide Region Names” hides all info overlays for regions, including grouped status.

This would be resolved if Steinberg altered “Hide Region Names” behavior. If it actually ONLY hid region names, as the command’s namesake would suggest, then that would be perfect. Perhaps allow a second preference to also hide all over overlays like the group icon if desired.

My current workaround is to Cmd+A to select all regions, then edit the Name field so it contains nothing, and hit Return. That deletes region names for all selected regions.