Prevent elements from getting selected?

Is there a way to prevent some elements (here: time signatures) from getting selected when I drag-select a certain area?

The music I’m copying consists of many time signature changes that I have already put in, and now whenever I select some measures via drag-select the time signatures get selected as well. - Which is annoying when I want to delete the selected things.

Thanks in advance,

You can use the Filter to Deselect Time Signatures after making the selection. A few steps, perhaps: possibly something you could do with a macro app or using Dorico’s scripting feature.

Hi, benwiggy.

Thanks for your answer, I already was aware of that.
I had hoped that instead of removing things from my selection after the fact, there was some way to configure what should get selected in the first place.

If you start by Cmd/Ctrl-clicking items of the type you do want, then Select More, the item types you haven’t clicked won’t be selected.

Hi, pianoleo.

I’m aware of that, but my selections start and end between measures.

Maybe let’s just say the answer to my specific question is “no”? :wink:

It’s no problem if your selections start and end between measures. Use the method I suggested, then hold down Ctrl/Cmd+Alt and draw a selection around the bit of the bar you want to deselect. Or don’t - your call :wink: