prevent gpk creation during montage render?

No seeing this topic when searching, but also hard to believe no one has not asked this before. Maybe I’m missing something basic, but… is there any way to prevent WL from automatically creating the gpks when rendering an audio montage? For my workflow, I will send a folder to a client with the individual tracks, but always end up going into the folder to remove the gpks, because my clients have no need for them. It would be great if there was a way to prevent the gpks from occurring during render, but not universally, such as when importing a wav into WL. There’s a box to prevent markers from being copied into the render, maybe there could be a box for the gpks as well? For the tracks that are rendered and will never see WL again, it’s getting pretty annoying to delete from each and every render. What am I missing? Thanks!

In the WaveLab preferences you can set a unique folder for WaveLab to store these files so you don’t have to ever see the gpk files.

I am not at a computer that allows me to open WaveLab at the moment but I can post a screen shot of where the setting is found if you need it.

See my message above, but I was able to find the setting using WaveLab Elements for the time being. It’s probably in the same location for WL Pro.

See attachment.

Thanks Justin; always super helpful in your replies.

I want to keep the gpks that are created during course of project, makes project archiving easier. I certainly don’t want to go pull them out of some central repository dumb to each individual project. There’s just no use in creating them in the filesets for outside recipients. For this purpose, the pref doesn’t really help much, but I get that’s all we have available right now, or even in the future… having functional update installers or DDP players are (hopefully) higher in the taxonomy of things for PG et al to get right.

In an ideal world, all gpks would be created to a project’s respective folder, but there would be a simple way (another checkbox?) that would allow me to skip writing them at that moment, from within the render window. Otherwise, it takes more time than just deleting the gpks from the render, pointless. I’m not near WL right now to test it out, but don’t imagine there’s a shortcut that would allow me to accomplish this.

(Also, despite having ‘notify me when a reply is posted’, I don’t get notified. Any suggestions? Email address in Control Panel is valid… surely I’m missing something obvious??)

FWIW, I just keep WL set to put my GPK files in that generic place on my OS disk and if for some reason I have to open an old project and the GPK files aren’t present, it takes just a matter of seconds for WaveLab to automatically recreate the GPK files so I really see this as a non-issue.

If the GPK files can’t be found, WaveLab will just remake them quickly so there is no need to manually archive them. I think you can just set it and forget it.

Plus 1 on this … it takes almost no time for WL to redraw the waveform (create a new GPK file) if you have to recall an old project.

Yeah, I think I’ve had it set this way since I started using WaveLab 7 around 2011 and haven’t thought much about it since.

Fair enough! Thanks guys.