Prevent staff label / brace overlap

I’m having another issue with staff label positioning, horizontally this time. I’ve added a few braces but the engraving dialog only gives me the option to position them with respect to the barline. The result is that

  1. staves with no brace have the label positioned too far away
  2. staves with a brace have the label positioned well
  3. staves with double braces have the label overlapping with the second brace

I understand the reason to have the labels align vertically but moving them to the left such that there is no overlap between labels and double braces positions the labels for staves with no braces awkwardly far way and takes away valuable space for individual parts. Is there a way around this?
I’ve now just exported the parts with different staff spacing but maybe there is a setting to let Dorico handle the overlap.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Sorry that I’ve not responded to this sooner. I think your diagnosis of the current situation is correct, and there’s no way to get the result you want at the moment. I can think of a couple of possible approaches here; one would be to move the options for staff label distance from Engraving Options to Layout Options, which would allow them to be varied on a per-layout basis, and another would be to provide an additional offset for Dorico to add when a brace is present. However, it’s a slightly unusual situation in that it’s uncommon to show staff labels in a part with a single staff. Can you say a little bit more about what your part-specific staff labeling requirements are?