Preview at original tempo?

In every other Drum Vst I’ve worked with you can either preview the midi file/style at the original tempo or at the project tempo. I cannot seem to find that feature in GA 5.

What have I missed?

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Same here: missing the proper way how it should be.

If GA5 is not able to load the tempo with the grooves you load, and you have to adjust that manually every time, then that’s just plain nonsense. Tempo adjusted loading should be the standard way of doing it, and then being able to toggle to maunual/project tempo whenever you wish. Same for the broweser: default should be to demo the grooves at their original tempo.

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AAAWWW ffs! c’mon! Is this back to the future 1985 or what’s broken?
Do you mean I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to unlock the tempo in Groove Agent 5.0.10 from the host Cubase 10 PRO???
And it’s not even implemented? What is the number in the MediaBay of GA developed by Steinberg there for? A visual recommendation?
Are they serious about wishing us to change the tempo by hand for every preset we just want to check out?
Nothing short of ridiculous in 2019!
What aboiut the regular Cubase MediaBay where you can select if you want to preview at the global project tempo or the local tempo written into MediaBay
If some poor intern was set to type all those numbers into the GA MediaBay at least the professional GA team could figure out a way to use them?

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I know. It’s absolutely baffling to me as well. Almost like Steinberg doesn’t ever see what the competition is doing.

Yes I have to modify the tempo each time in the DAW to sample each midi style properly.

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This thread is from November 2018.

We talk of most basic groove functionality - is this still not implemented in Groove Agent 5???