Preview media at project tempo

Not sure what gives here, but I’m not getting great results.

Media files I’m trying to preview are perfect length for 4/4.

Using Reaper’s media bay, the same files have no problem matching the tempo perfectly, and previewing on project start play.

In Cubase, it’s a different story. Do I need to instruct Cubase to detect the tempo of these files first? (not required with Reaper).

I have all three beat aligning buttons highlighted in Cubase’s media bay.

What is the missing ingredient?

I have problems getting sync playback with REX files, with wav files my placback is spot on in Mediabay. I mostly use mediabay now for midi playback and connect it to a vsti, for all my audio playback I have moved to Loopcloud - it is a really nice for making fast pre patterns from single shots and layering multiple samples. If your current solutions aren’t working out I urge you to check it out :slight_smile:

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Love that idea about previewing midi.

I’d still really like for the audio preview to work as expected.
It occurred to me, does the tempo need to be embedded in the metadata of an audio file for Cubase to correctly sync it up to another tempo?

That’s not the case for Reaper’s media bay as mentioned, so I’m not sure.

all I can think of is that you must engage the button to sync with the project

Yeah I’ve got that engaged, all three.

I think the content is not drum hits so Cubase can’t calculate or modify the tempo?

Tried with a drum loop audio file and it works great. I guess the hit points are clear for Cubase to do the tempo modification.

Why though doe non percussive audio it work fine in Reaper media bay tempo-matched preview…