preview MIDI loops in loop browswer

I have Cubase studio 5.5.2
I am loading an instance of Groove Agent and opening the loop browser to choose a MIDI drum loop, but the loop does not trigger GA. I can:

  1. Set the MIDI Output Selector to “Microsoft GM wave-table synth” and hear the drum sound in Windows
  2. Drag the loop onto a track to hear it

The new manual seems to imply that I should hear the loop play the instrument assigned to the Cubase track by assigning it to the output with the pull-down window on the lower left, but the track isn’t there.

Once again, any help would be much appreciated.
Phil R

Not quite sure but do you have to load sounds to GA first? And do the sounds have to be assigned to the proper MIDI notes?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I found something as I dug around a bit.
When I load GA into the instrument rack and create a MIDI track, I can assign the output in the preview window and listen to the midi loops. So it seems you just can’t use the preview feature if you load an instrument track with Groove Agent. Just a tiny bit annoying.
Can anyone else confirm that this is indeed the way the program is supposed to work?