Preview midi regions from mediabay

So I have recorded some midi regions/clips and I wanted to audition them through the catogory system in mediabay.
But that was not as easy as I thought.
Anything I’m missing here?
It’s such a pain going through the presets on the individual instruments as there is no filtering for bass and leads etc.

Also when I audition midi loops through the chord track it will not play as normal.
I have to double click them and import them into the session to hear them.
It should be said that this is only when I play back my my whole session and try to audition them in real time.
Is this a bug?


no it’s not a bug and there are at least 2 answers to your question on this page and the next page :wink:

I just saw through 3 pages and could not find the answers to my questions.

I’m sorry to bump.
New forums always take some time getting used to :ugeek:

And let me add cubase is so awesome that I almost cried.
New user here…

By “midi regions/clips” do you mean midi files or midi loops? When you save/export a midi loop it will let you categorize it (bass, lead, etc…) before it gets saved/exported. Midi files are a little different… after you save/export them you have to go into mediabay and tag the midi file with the correct attributes (lead, bass, etc…).