Previous Cubase versions

Hi all,

Since buying Cubase 10 Pro about a year ago, my previous Cubase Artist 8 was somehow converted to Cubase 8 Pro after 10 Pro was downloaded. Can I delete Cubase 8 Pro now? I don’t use it and it just takes up space.

If the answer is “yes” do I just delete it from its folder or is there an uninstall app? Thanks.

hi Lee

I was pondering the same thing myself earlier - I worry about installing it because who know what it uninstalls ? Some of the install is probably shared by later versions ?

You could delete the folder, but that’s pretty ugly IMO

I decided to just to leave it.

re: the artist > pro transformation - it’s the same install I think, it just reads the licence when it loads up.

Okay, thanks Doc. I can live with it. I just like to keep all unneeded stuff off my drives. Thanks for chiming in.

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yes - it’s not doing any ‘harm’ apart from being untidy and taking disk space…risk/reward ratio is too high.