Previous/Next Song

Hi, I want to control the prev/next song switch with a pad on my Novation Launchkey mini. I tried the “learn” button in action/shortcuts . I see the setting -OK. But it doesn’t work. Or is there another way. I like to use the Launchkey for all VST live controls.

That should work.
What does “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Project” show for “Next Song” or “Previous Song”, if any, in the MIDI port, status etc? Also try to change ui to “Toggle” or “Button”.

I don’t know what’s wrong.
I tried all… I can’t get it work.
MIDI IN 3 is my Launchpad.

Just a question, the MIDI CH 10 is correct, right?
So launch pad sends these note on/off’s on Ch 10 (Unfortunately VL MIDI MON. doesn’t provide Ch info but you’ve set MIDICH10 in Next Song action)

I use the same sometimes for basic transport buttons via a Bluetooth Footswitch, so it definitely should work :slight_smile:

Yes…These Drumpads on Launchpad sends on Channel 10. But I tried also normal Keys to control. I don’t know…

I have it @birgergernhardt ! okay, so set back Data2 column to 0-127, otherwise NoteOn message needs be exactly note = 36 / velocity = 36. With other words, just take out your data2 (note velocity) filter. That did the trick to me started with your settings.
@musicullum … I know I know… but is non-Source Data’n then really needed at processing any Action? (or meight non-Source be eliminated from listening)

Just leave it at default, that’s the same as “non-listening” :slight_smile:
In other words, it has to listen to something, and there was the wish to be able to control that.

It cannot be stated often enough that whatever software (or even devices) you use, if you change anything and it doesn’t provide what you want, change it back to where it was before. Not doing so is calling for trouble.

Oh, Yes! Sure.

Anyways, I hope @birgergernhardt ‘s setup will work by set D2 back to def. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that hint. I will try tomorrow and let you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok…now it works.Thanks a lot. It think, the reason for my trouble was the “learn” function… because there it gets the current velocity value for D2 from/to. :+1: