previous plugin buffers remain on un-bypass

Nuendo 5.1.1 Mac

  1. Reverb plugin on a track
  2. play track through long reverb
  3. bypass reverb plugin
  4. stop transport
  5. fast forward to empty area of track (no regions)
  6. play track
  7. un-bypass reverb
  • buffer of previous audio region plays during silent passage

-This is highly undesirable as the buffer has no relation to the audio at the time un-bypass occurs.
-This does not occur when using power rather then bypass.
-This occurs with Roomworks, UA reverbs, etc.

Work around: put reverb on a send and mute send.

Is there some feature in order to fix this? I cannot think of a situation where this behavior would be desirable.

Nobody? Just test this, you’ll be surprised this is getting in all your mixes if you automate bypass.

I just tested this exactly as described with the LX480 reverb plugin, and cannot repro.
Might have done something wrong though.
Vocal is on an audio track, reverb is on an FX track with the send from the audio track.
No tails heard at all after restarting transport.

What reverb plugin were you running, and how is it configured please?
(I still think I did something different)

Try it again but put the reverb directly on the vocal track and follow the repro steps EXACTLY. Let me know how it goes.

Ah - personally, I just don;t use reverb like that but will look at this approach in a few minutes.
I wonder if you have the retrospective record buffers on?

Retro record is not related to this.

Hi there,
interesting issue, we will look into this. Thanks for the report.


So, just a thought here:

When you try this, are you allowing enough time for the sound sent to the verb to decay and fade to zero before un-bypassing the plugin?

Or, to be more clear and use your repro above:

  1. Reverb plugin on a track
  2. play track through long reverb 10 seconds total reverb time
  3. bypass reverb plugin
  4. stop transport
  5. fast forward to empty area of track (no regions)

5.5) Make sure at least 10 seconds have passed

  1. play track
  2. un-bypass reverb


Ah yes! This is a UAD related issue only. Will report to them.

Are you responding to my post? I’m confused…

Did you wait longer than the reverb tail, or did you not?

Yes, your post released steinberg of any initial obligation. UA reverbs however have the issue as described.

I’m not sure how unusual this is though. I remember hearing this with other verbs as well. I guess they don’t “clear” the buffer on stop so to speak. I’m 95% sure I’ve heard it in PT HD as well, which would mean I’ve heard it with either ReverbOne or Renaissance verb by Waves…

Well either way its undesirable and we should all be screaming till its addressed :slight_smile:

Come to think of it though, how would the reverb plug-in know what your intentions are?

It sounds like a strange question, but imagine that instead of having your plugin reverb on a track, you simply send to it from different tracks simultaneously. Now let’s say that you have dialed up a piano sound in a VSTi, and you’ve got a send from that source to your reverb. You might want to audition the verb by playing the piano sound live, with Nuendo stopped. You play a little, switch verb preset, play a little, choose a preset, play a little, tweak the preset etc…

The plug in wouldn’t be able to “know” if you want to be able to hear what’s being sent to it while stopped, or if you want it to immediately cut the reverb tail short.

Know what I mean?

The plugin should never “store” audio from one position in te song and then release it later. Steinberg works, UA does not so it IS possible and correct.

Yeah, I suppose… My previous post doesn’t really make sense… I was tired when I wrote it… I’m tire now too, but now it doesn’t make sense…

This is happening quite often with all plugins. Anyone ales have this “buffer barf” issue?

Hi all,
just for information: Since this issue has been mentioned often in other topics as well, we have investigated again if something is wrong on our side, as we are working on the next maintenance version right now.
We could not identify any buffers being “stored” or “hanging” in our plugins.
Using very long reverbs as stated in the original test description may be misleading about sustaining reverb after un-bypassing the plugin. Please be aware that in fact, in bypass mode the plugin is still processing and therefore “sounding” internally. If the tail is longer than the duration of bypass, you hear the rest of the reverb. That’s normal.

All the best,

Hi Thorsten,
This thread is a better representation of the issue (with video).

In my testing this issue could not be reproduced with steinberg plugins but could be with Altiverb and UAD’s and I’m sure others.

This other thread is probably a better thread to focus on.