Previous version under my current license

I’m a Cubase user from way back, since the Atari days. I have a cubase 7 version working fine so far on the studio PC, but I’m having all kinds of issues with Cubase Artist 7 on my other pc (problems of the “Pandoras Box” variety), essentially making it unusable. Does my Cubase Artist 7 license enable me to use previous versions of the program, and if so, where can i find them? Been hunting high and low on the Steinberg site, alas with no success :frowning:

You should be able to use CA6 with a CA7 license.

That’s my understanding too, and i’ve been searching in Steinbergs ftp directory, but so far i can only find updates, not full-version files. Any ideas?

You might be lucky with the C6 demo, if it’ s still available…

write to info at steinberg do de

I am sure they will send you a previous version on disk if they have one available.

I don’t believe it is against the rules to ask another user if they could send you a copy since no license ≠ to being able to use a particular version or versions as the case may be.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have sent them an email and hope they can point me in the right direction. Getting an older version from a user might also do the trick, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their own options of roll-back.

Appreciate your suggestion, but i don’t think i can register the demo, nor use it as an ongoing product. Basically i’m hoping to have something i can use whilst i await some bug fixes in the current version, some of which have been noted as issues by Steinberg. Crossing my fingers the next release will be one that will work for me

The only 6 trial file available on the ftp server that i can find is a .dmg file, which is no good to me as i’m on Windows7 :frowning: Haven’t heard anything back from steinberg yet. Desperately trying to find an interim solution so i can get back to work :frowning:

Posting on behalf on Tania … we were able to use our Cubase (full version) 6.0 installer. Because the dongle attached has a 7CA license, it runs as 6CA.

Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks for all your help.