Prices to buy Cubase trials?

I am looking to upgrade from Cubase 4.5.2

I have Cubase 6 trial and 7 trial ready to install and Cubase 8 trial I see is downloadable from Steinberg.

My question is how much is the upgrade to C6 and how much to upgrade to C7 from C 4.5.2

Is there a link for these upgrade prices?

Thanks for any help…

You can’t buy upgrades (in the Steinberg Store) to C6 or C7 now because C8 is the latest version.

Your only option if you don’t want 8, but 6 or 7 instead, is to try and find a retailer - most likely an on-line one - who has a few older versions left.

There is a chance that Steinberg may forbid anything sold but the latest version now.

But the above advice worked for me.

Just when Cubase 7 came out, I bought Cubase 6 on-line for a discounted price which even included the full HALion version - a $350 value - and also got a free up grade to 7. :mrgreen:

That’s why I’m suggesting it.