Pricing Edu Crossgrade from Sibelius

The price of the EDU crossgrade from Sibelius is really fair (179/159 €)!
Is it offered for a limited time? Is there time enough to wait for the trial of Dorico?
How is the process of verification, that I’m legitimated to make the crossgrade from Sibelius?

Thank you!

The crossgrade price will be in place until the end of March 2017.

To qualify for the educational crossgrade, you need to provide two forms of verification: proof of your ownership of Sibelius (e.g. a purchase receipt, or screenshot of your About Sibelius screen showing your serial number, or a grab of your Avid account page showing your registered Sibelius product); and proof of your educational status. You must upload both forms of proof during the purchase process in order to qualify for both discounts. Don’t worry: the process is pretty straightforward.