Prime Cuts for Groove Agent 4

Prime Cuts is the first expansion pack for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4, and it’s simply mind-blowing! Created by Beat Butcha, one of UK’s finest beat producers, Prime Cuts is one top-notch hip hop sound library, boasting 700 insane samples and 240 compelling beats

Producer of the Prime Cuts expansion set, Beat Butcha, commented: “With the new library I try to basically cater to the many sub-genres within hip hop as possible. A lot of preset patterns are often quantized and they don’t feel very human-like so I keep the swing up in there and try to do things that are a little bit different from the norm.”

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I just purchased “Prime Cuts” for groove agent 4.
I open up groove agent
i Select (verbal Tea) or any of the “prime cuts” add ons
NO SAMPLES load up to the pads, Unplayable

Where are they?

i got the same problem. Do you now have any solutions to the problem?