Print and PDF line thickness

I have noticed that the line thickness differences between dorico and a pdf exported version are not the same, at least at the time of printing, since I have tried several browsers, Adobe reader and some pdf viewer software, but always the same thing happens: Either dorico prints the lines thinner (which looks pretty good) or it exports pdf with thicker lines when printing.

I have tried several types of staff line thickness, and again, the same thing happens, the pdf lines are thicker. (When printing)

I am not adjusting the paper size because for some reason, the programs scale it to 97%.

Have you ever notice that? It’s a bit annoying, since I don’t always print from Dorico directly, but sometimes I use the pdf, and it’s uncomfortable that the staff lines are different.

Are you actually exporting via the proper dorico export? Or are you trying to “print to pdf” on Mac? If it’s the latter, make sure you use the proper dorico export on the right. Many users have experienced discrepancies when trying to system print via the Mac dialogue.

I’m using Windows, and yes, I’m exporting first pressing on the “Export” button and then opening the file and printing.
But from what I see, this seems to be a general problem with all PDF files, anyway I would appreciate if anyone has a similar experience or if you notice any difference between printing from an exported pdf and printing directly from Dorico.

A. Acrobat Reader seems to be notoriously unreliable for showing line thicknesses correctly. I have no idea why, seeing as PDF is Adobe’s standard and they really ought to get it right.
B. If you want your printed PDFs to match what you see in Dorico, you need to print at 100%. 97% is going to scale things down and add margins on top of your existing margins.

I disabled “Enhance thin lines” on acrobat, scores look good.
I print at “Actual size”, but the problem remains.
This happens with all the programs, Maybe it is my printer driver? But why is printing from Dorico fine while other programs not?

Measure the thickness of the lines in the PDF using a vector drawing package, like Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or other. That should be able to give you a value in points or mm.

If the PDF is accurate, but the printed page is thicker, then it’s almost certainly your printer driver.

I just want to make doubly sure that you’re using this section of Print mode, not exporting via some “Print to PDF” “printer”.

Yes, pianoleo, I’m using that section, Dorico exports PDF perfectly, so the issue is my driver printer, The problem is my printer driver that for some reason emphasizes thin lines. This does not happen in the program itself, so it is not a Dorico issue :confused:

Turning on this option and setting the DPI to 1200 has solved the issue

are you using Mono or Color setup when exporting to PDF?
This makes a difference in how the printer prints.