"Print" Automation Events as MIDI List Events

Hi everyone.

You know, years ago, I had Cubase 1.0 running on a Atari ST1040, which had built-in MIDI ports! Simplicity itself!

Now I have Cubase 5.0 AI running on a MacBook and and am fortunate enough to have it talking to a Yamaha MOTIF XF8. However, I am told in the Motifvator Forum that the XF8’s sequencer does not support Cubase automation. I like the automation as way controlling things like volume in Cubase, but this is all lost when I export the SMF file to load into the XF8’s sequencer for live performance, no matter what settings like “include automation” I switch on when I export the SMF. I guess I have to have to all these types of events recorded as MIDI list events prior to export.

My question is then, is it possible to “Print” Cubase automation down as MIDI list events for each part? I’ve looked at the manual, but no luck so far. Can anybody help?

Midi CC messages in the file itself would be the best and most flexible way to go I think.
It would maximise the chances that any gear you play the file through will respond as you intend.

I’m not aware of a way of converting automation into embedded CC messages, as I understand it Cubase automation is just that, Cubase automation but maybe someone else knows of a way of doing the conversion to save you having to do it manually…