Print Bb-Instrument in C and


i have a Bb-Instrument. Now i would like to print it in the bass clef and transposition in C. How can i do it?
At the moment i see only the way that i add a new instrument and copy the part.

Sorry for my question but i didn’t found anything in the forum to this problem.
I hope you can understand my bad english. Sorry for it.



If you need the Bb part in (presumably) treble clef alongside a C part in bass clef, I think it is best to have 2 different players, and just copy all music from one to the other. You don’t mention it, but maybe you also want the bass clef part transposed down an octave, in which case a duplicate player is probably the best choice. Otherwise you lose the original.

Apart from that, you can always insert a bass clef in an existing part (shift-C, then ‘f’ and return), and set the layout to print in Concert Pitch: Layout Options (select layout in right hand column) → Players → switch ‘Transposing layout’ off.
In that case, be prepared, when going to print, for a very useful warning that the layout you’re about to print is set to print non-transposing. If you create a separate non-transposing bass clef player however, you won’t see this.

Thanks for your answer!

Hello all,

is it possible in Dorico 3 to e.g. define a layout for a player that i can print in concert pitch? And layout for transposed pitch. Thanks?

I guess so, yes (I can’t check now, I’m not behind a Dorico machine right now). You can create as many layouts as you need, and since being in concert pitch or transposing pitch is defined on a per-layout basis (Layout Options → Players), you should be able to have transposing and non-transposing layouts alongside each other.

I do wish we had an option for an alternate transposition as well. (To produce both historically-accurate and All-in-F Horn parts, say)

Hi Thomas,

I just made a test. That is possible, at least with a bass clarinet.
You can of course propagate the layout for the part but the edits you’ve made in the properties panel do not propagate (or am i missing something?)

Edit > Propagate Properties, but it should probably be used judiciously in this particular scenario. The difference in clefs between the two layouts means that things like stem direction and articulation placement may need to differ.

Hello Rafaelv,

can you please gave me an exact example how do you do this (F-Tuba->Print concert pitch)? Thanks.

Hello Thomas,

In setup mode
-add a new instrumental part layout and rename it accordingly (Tuba in concert pitch for example)
-with the new layout selected, click in the layout options icon. Go to players and deselect the transposing layout option
-in the left panel select the relevant instrument (Wagner? Tuba)
-in the low panel select the flows you want to include in the layout.

You can then click the setup menu and choose Propagate Part Formatting, Copy formatting from: Wagner Tuba. Propragate formatting to Tuba in concert pitch. select include layout options and include system formatting. click ok. voila.